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DMitchell1985's Photograph Journal
29 June
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This is my most fabulous photograph journal. Since I have a job now, and I can finally get my pictures developed and/or placed on a cd, I thought I would get around to publishing pictures of my city and things of interest to me in a photo journal. You know, like I always wanted to.

Suggestions or topics for photos are welcome. Nothing dirty or dangerous is the motto to keep in mind when sending me something. Anything else is welcome. Email me, or leave a comment for me to find.

Check out my buttons and links before you go, and tell a friend. *winks* Feel free to friend me, and you'll be friended in turn.

-Danielle's Photograph Journal

Interests Not Allowed in the Interest Box by LiveJournal:

- Doing odd things and pretending that I have done nothing unusual at all

- Hoping that I will one day save up enough for a laptop

- Fantasizing about my ultra cool dream computer

- Hoping that one day I will save up enough for more memory

- Lengthening my patience by working with my unnaturally slow computer (There, there compie. . .)**

- Wandering around the Internet and my world in general

- Cruising around my city like a super groovy tourist

- Creating stupid and/or lame journals because I have an Interest

- Enjoying teendom, and will miss it when it is gone! (ETA: It's gone. Darn it!)*

- Dwelling on my own mordity and eventual death **

- Wandering around with a camera, several if I can afford it*

- Taking obscene amounts of pictures of my friends and strangers*

- Noting ridiculous film flubs that completely undermine the movie itself, or the book(s) the movie was based on. Yeah, I'm talking to you director of the third Harry Potter movie! There is NO underaged wizardry allowed! You undermined the entire HP world and facts presented in the books in the span of a few short, opening-scene minutes! You should be ashamed of yourself! *huffs* You too, director of The Princess Diaries movies. Humph!**

I can't think of anymore that were originally kicked out of the Interest Box right now. It makes you wonder why these babies were not allowed in the first place. Brilliance like this could save the world if directed properly. *grins proudly*

* = Not an original Interest booted, but would have been *sly grin*

** = Is an original Interest, but was worded differently. Probably included more detail and emotion/outrage/etc.

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